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Want to transition your business to an online program but feeling overwhelmed? Read on!

Are you a service-based entrepreneur looking for a way to transition your business into an online one? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. This post is for you!  I am going to present to you 5 quick tips to get you started in the right direction. 

Right now is the perfect time to scale up your business to include an online course or membership. “Why?”, you ask. The pandemic has greatly transformed our lives. Helping people in person is great but the COVID outbreak has taught us to have a backup for when service-based businesses aren’t in full swing. Not to mention that a source of passive income is always great! Passive income stream lets you work at your own pace while freeing up your time so that you can be with your family!

However, such a transformation can be overwhelming which is why I am here to help you out!

5 Tips for Moving Your Service-based Business to an Online Program

  1. Offer a transformation instead of another “product”

You might be thinking of making a course or membership similar to creating a new product. But, what you will be selling is a transformation like the one you are going through right now! Try to think in terms of steps and milestones. What kind of journey will you be taking your client through?

In simple terms, what will be the A and B points of the transformation for your client? The answer will give you your “product”! When it comes to an online program, it can be difficult to present its tangible benefits because it isn’t a simple “product”. The important part is to market it and present it in a way that promises to transform your client. A product by itself is not enough. Be clear about your program’s objectives and outcomes.

  1. Know your Strengths

Everyone has a knack for doing something inspiring. Some are talented while others are naturals. Often we have more strengths than we give ourselves credit for. Dive into yourself a little deeper and know your forte. This is where your purpose comes in. 

Your personal purpose, as well as your business purpose, are incredibly important in shaping your online program. Finding your purpose and being aware of it gives you clarity and direction. 

If you need help with this step, you can always sign up for the Purposeful Business Academy (if you haven’t already) where I teach you how to discover your purpose and apply it to your business model. 

Understanding your specialty, abilities, and gifts is important in setting the tone for what you’re going to teach in your program. Be in tune with yourself to make this transition work!

  1. Use the time blocking technique

While such a transition may seem big, you don't have to switch over from a 0 to 100 real quick. As busy moms, it can get extremely hard to manage time. Plus, a transition such as this one can make things seem scarier than they are. 

A tried and tested time-management strategy that can do wonders is time blocking. Time blocking allows you to set-aside fixed hours for a specific task. For example, you can set aside 10-12 pm to get done with all the household chores. Similarly, you can start by time blocking 5 hours a week to work on your online program. This approach is more realistic than to-do lists. 

Plus, working in small time blocks will sustain your energy and not drain you out. You don’t have to overwork to get things done. You will save up time to spend with your family. Work smarter, not harder! Grab your calendar and time block your course creation hours in. 

  1. Pre-sell your course at 25% finished

Pre-selling ensures that your hard work doesn’t go down the drain. Nothing is more terrible than your online program flopping after all that time and effort. I value the work you put in which is why I will recommend you to pre-sell your course when it’s only partially complete.

Deliver your course in your client’s inbox but make sure you are always 1-2 modules ahead. This way you can presell your course when you just have the bone structure in place. The response you’ll get will give the energy you need to finish making the course. You can put the flesh on bones, later.  

  1. Make ambassadors out of your current network

Your current network likes and trusts you! They already have experienced some results from working with you. They might be the first clients for your course. Utilize your existing bonds instead of forming a new network altogether. 

Treat your clients like your friends. Your emails to them should seem like personal messages. Personalize your material for them and give them access to content that isn’t available elsewhere. Remember that your current network can make or break you! Create a nice affiliate program for them so that they can be your ambassadors as you are moving forward.

That’s all from me! I hope these tips push in the right direction. Do you want to take the right steps towards creating your own course? Check out The Purposeful Business Academy to get a step by step plan and teaching to get it done!


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