Are you really visible in your business?

My theme for this year has been visibility.
I knew this was something I had to learn and do more.
Because the truth is, if people see you more often, they think about you more often.
If you watched my stories, I told you that a followed the Instagram Stories Course of of CelineCharlotte. She created an Instagram Course and it was very inspiring to see how you can host a course on Instagram.
Let me share a couple of takeaways from this course.
1. A Story, is just one box, a 15-min story. It isn't the complete story with the different 15-min segments. Not very important, but that was definitely eye-opening to me.
2. If you post about a topic, try to post 3 stories about it, otherwise, it is too random.
3. Try to use tom storytelling skills when you are sharing a story. You start with a good hook, some tension, and the end is all good.
4. People don't want to hear only serious stuff. Even for business coaches, the stories most watched are the fun,...
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Als je denkt aan Vrijheid in Business, want betekent dat voor jou?⁠ ⁠

Als je denkt aan Vrijheid in Business, want betekent dat voor jou? Vrijheid is iets wat iedereen wel wil. Want het tegen over gestelde willen we niet, gebonden zijn, vastzitten. Daar kies je natuurlijk niet voor.

Alleen als je praat over vrijheid, dan bedoelt niet iedereen hetzelfde. Het heeft zo verschillende veel ladingen. Vrijheid voor je business, wat betekent dit dan voor jou? 

‍Betekent het dat je niet meer hoeft te werken?

‍Financieel vrij?

‍Of dat je zelf de regels maakt?

‍Betekent dat je werkt wanneer jij wilt?

Voor mij betekent vrijheid in je business:

  • Dat je vrij bent om iets te doen waarvoor je gemaakt bent.
  • Dat je niet iemand anders visie volgt, maar je eigen visie creëert.
  • Dat je vrij bent om je eigen balans te zoeken van gezin & werk.
  • En dat het OK is dat dit balans erg verschillend is per persoon.
  • Dat je vrij bent om je eigen leven te creëren. Niet een leven waarbij je de hele dag niks doet, want daar geloof ik niet in,...
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What I learned from my past work experience

I used to be in Advertisement for 8 years. Talking with clients, creating something nice, working together in a team of professionals, being in a creative environment, and doing many different projects at the same time. My role was project & account management. I still love this world. I like to pressure, the deadlines, the hectic, the clients, and the fact that no day is the same.

At the same time, I don’t believe in long hours anymore. I love it that I can put my time in the places I value more than work at the office. And even though I lived for a certain kind of stress (it makes you work harder and take faster decisions), it is also a toll on your body. Your body holds the stress in, even if you are not aware or feel this.

Because of this advertisement experience, I learned many things.

I remember clearly when I started my second advertisement job that my boss, at the time, sat me down and told me that I had to tie all loose ends in the project. I learned over the...

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