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Why personality tests work against you.

I often felt a strange one, feeling the odd one in a group. I felt that the type of personality was rare, and thought that something must be wrong with me. Did you ever felt like you are the strange one in your group?

Personality tests helped me to understand myself better.

It gave clarity on how my ’type’ thinks and acts.

It points out my strengths but also my weaknesses.

Doing Enneagrams, Myers-bricks, StrenghtFinders, and DISC taught me a lot about myself. I learned to see that those things that made me different are unique. That my personality can be a gift. And that I should tap into my gifting.

For this season I work with a coach that keeps me accountable to my goals. I do better when other people hold me accountable than only to myself. Can’t let other people down, right?

During our first conversation, I was trying to explain, why I do the things I am doing from the point of my personality.

Why I am self-sabotaging.

I learned a lot about myself through all...

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