Are you really visible in your business?

My theme for this year has been visibility.
I knew this was something I had to learn and do more.
Because the truth is, if people see you more often, they think about you more often.
If you watched my stories, I told you that a followed the Instagram Stories Course of of CelineCharlotte. She created an Instagram Course and it was very inspiring to see how you can host a course on Instagram.
Let me share a couple of takeaways from this course.
1. A Story, is just one box, a 15-min story. It isn't the complete story with the different 15-min segments. Not very important, but that was definitely eye-opening to me.
2. If you post about a topic, try to post 3 stories about it, otherwise, it is too random.
3. Try to use tom storytelling skills when you are sharing a story. You start with a good hook, some tension, and the end is all good.
4. People don't want to hear only serious stuff. Even for business coaches, the stories most watched are the fun,...
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Five steps to take before creating a video


Creating a video without a clear goal, isn't going to work for you.

Jonah explains in this video the 5 steps you should do before you create a video.

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